Separation Anxiety

Abby is a qualified SA Pro with the Julie Naismith programme, so can help with any Separation Anxiety issues you and your dogs are facing.

Most Separation Anxiety programmes are designed to be done virtually, which works very well as is much more realistic to when we actually leave our dogs! I can however do local house visits too if you prefer.

All Separation work will start with an initial assessment, where we chat through your situation, what you have tried so far and assess what stage your dog is currently at. Once we know that initial base line level for your dog, I can plan your personalised training sessions accordingly.

All training is designed to keep your dog below their stress point, so we gradually increase their comfortable time alone, without them experiencing any distress at being left. We also look at building more independence within the home, any hyper-attachment issues, general training and lifestyle that may be contributing!


We have a number of pricing plans to suit how much training we think you will benefit from and your budget. The plans below are a good guide, but can be tweaked to suit the individual case.

Each plan includes a weekly training session and catch up (roughly an hour), 5 days worth of training sessions, (we take 2 days off training each week to give your dogs a break), written just for you and your dog based on the previous day’s training sessions and daily check ins and troubleshooting.

Plan A Initial Assessment at £30 per hour (usually 1- 1 ½ hours), then £60 per week afterwards for as long as needed.
Plan B £200 (£50 per week) for 4 weeks of training and support. Includes Initial Assessment.
Plan C £280 (£47 per week) for 6 weeks of training and support. Includes Initial Assessment.
Plan D £450 (£37.50 per week) for 12 weeks of training and support. Includes Initial Assessment.
Follow On Membership £40 per month for ongoing support, once one of the above plans has been completed. Includes a monthly check in video / in person call, access to the private facebook group where you can post any questions/successes and unlimited text/email questions.

Any plan can be upgraded or downgraded to the next at any point and other configurations of plans can be quoted too.

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For more information or to arrange an initial visit please call us on
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