Course Information - Learn at Home (Silver)

Thank you for your interest in the course Learn at Home (Silver).

The cost of this course is £60.00

Course Content

Week 1 Eye contact as check in/ recall/ ignore, Sit to down to roll over/ stand, luring and shaping, capturing, heel work, release cue
Week 2 choice to learn, loose lead walking with distractions, LLW commands, go sniff, ignore/ say hi, emergency stop
Week 3 collar touch & hand touch, Back chain – swap/ find it / retrieve, scent course toy/ food, click trigger
Week 4 wing wrap, recall with distractions, recall games (yo-yo, hide & seek, chase, find it), MEBs
Week 5 hand touch with dog distractions, middle/ leg weaves, proof spin/ twist, agility stations
Week 6 shaping, linking behaviours into sequence, small agility course, scent trail to toy, proofing bed/ mat cue (by shaping)

After payment you will receive a welcome email that will contain your introduction notes and a link to an introduction video. Please watch this and read the notes. Any questions, let us know.

You will then receive your Session One video link and notes. In your own time and at your own pace, work through the video and the notes, then take time to practice each skill. Once you have practiced the skill, please video you and your dog doing the skill – it is important I can see both of you in shot, and hear you, so I can provide positive feedback for both your training skills and your dogs’ learning skills!

You can send the videos skill by skill, or all your skills from each session together. Please send the videos via whatever method you feel most comfortable (there is more detail in your introduction notes). Please contact Abby if you need help doing this.

You will receive your feedback on your videos and unless you have really struggled with a skill and need a bit more help, we will then send your next session video link and notes.

Terms and Conditions

Please allow up to 48 hours for feedback, or answers to any queries.

Payment for your course is up front and final. Your course material is for you and your families use only. It is not to be shared outside of the course.

A & B Dog Training holds Dog Training and Public Liability Insurance, however we cannot be held responsible for any injuries or incidents that occur during your personal training sessions.

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